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The world is no longer looking for new heroes in football, hockey or tennis. While fans of traditional sports are declining, the number of MMA fans exponentially increases. The whole world is thrilled with modern sports heroes, warriors. The world boasts MMA!

In 2016, we introduced a new sports organization overlooking the most popular and successful MMA league in the Czech Republic. Currently, XFN is one of the largest Czech-Slovak organizations in the field of martial arts and sports. But we are heading higher.

Have you ever wondered why MMA is so extraordinary? What happens when your sports hero does not score an empty goal, misses a dunk or finish last in the race? And what happens if he makes a mistake in the ultimate duel? Which experience will be stronger for you? Which of these experiences do you remember more? MMA is simply an inimitable and unique sporting industry. It is a phenomenon of new sporting age.

Join us in the XFN world where the best Czech, Slovak and European wrestlers meet with each other and against the world elite. In the duels that take their breath and bring passionate emotions. Join us in the world where new sports stars are born and sport is once again the inspiration for every one of us.

Petr Kareš,
founder of XFN Organization

What is MMA?

MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world, and in 2022 it will become the most popular sport of all.

History and present days

MMA is the pinnacle of the evolution of martial arts and sports. Its beginnings can be found in the 7th century. when the Greeks introduced pankration to the Olympic Games, a harsh blend of ancient boxing and fight.

Modern MMA has been a sporting phenomenon for the past twenty years. It strengthens all viewing, historical and statistical records. Mixed martial arts today include the finest of all kinds of fighting sports around the world. From traditional Japanese karate, through Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Chinese box, French savate or English box. You can find the best in MMA. That is why the MMA champion is perceived as the king of all combat sports.

According to the prestigious English newspaper The Guardian, MMA is the fastest-growing sport in the world. And in 2022 it will become the most popular sport ever.

Development of MMA

popularity in the world in 2000-2017 and projections by 2022:

2000 - 131. place
2010 - 75. place
2013 - 31. place
2017 - 13. place
2018 - 9. place
2022 - 1. place

Current TOP 10 with the most fans:
(1) Football (2) Basketball (3) Cricket (4) Tennis (5) Athletics (6) Rugby (7) F1 (8) MMA (9) Ice hockey (10) Volleyball
(source: The Guardian)

Current TOP 10 with the most fans: (1) Football (2) Basketball (3) Cricket (4) Tennis (5) Athletics (6) Rugby (7) (source: The Guardian) MMA is simply a phenomenon. No other sport in modern history has gained its popularity so quickly. But this was a difficult journey. MMA has not always been perceived as a sport. After all, in 1993, there were only two rules in the UFC's first tournament: 1) a biting ban, 2) a ban on eye attack. Since then, however, the MMA has undergone considerable development, leading even to being accepted and approved by the New York State Athletic Commission, which is one of the most severe in the world to assess the safety of athletes.

MMA is currently significantly safer than hockey or American football. This is why today it is the fastest-growing sporting entertainment of the planet.

Who is the MMA viewer?

81% of MMA fans are in productive age and in middle or upper social class.

MMA is also exceptional because the fans base is made up of spectators who do not practice the sport themselves (96%), and that is how it allows it to spread so quickly. Basically, it's just one thing. To tell you that MMA is a great and exceptional sport that it really is.

Another outstanding feature of MMA is that it attracts dynamic, modern people who long for adrenaline. In other words, especially the middle and upper classes of working-age population willing to spend money for entertainment.

A typical MMA fan is a man (74%) in the productive age of 18-44 years (81%), in the middle or higher social group (84%).

Typology and social stratification of MMA fans:

Men 74%
Women 28%
Upper middle class 30%
Middle class 54%
Lower middle class 16%
0-17 years 15%
18-44 years 81%
44 and over 4%

(Source: ZoomSphere analytics)



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Our way to MMA. 10 years in martial arts.

XFN is a brand with an extraordinary overlap. Not just among sports fans of traditional sports such as football, hockey or athletics, but to the general public.

We are very proud to be one of the most successful event managers in Europe today. Over the last 10 years, we have organized more than 100 successful events. Regional, European and world importance. Our story began in 2007, when the awareness of martial arts was very small. Media and the public were not interested in these sports. On the contrary, they considered us to be a "gangster" sport. But we had a dream. A dream about the fact that one day the fighting sports will be sold out in Czech sports halls. In 2008, after a few months of preparation, we organized the first event in the small north Bohemian town of Most, for the 600 biggest fans. We made many mistakes, but we learned a lot. But it was an extraordinary evening, and we believed ourselves and our abilities. In 2011, we became a leading promotional group in the Czech Republic. We have created and successfully built 3 of the 5 largest brands of combat sports events. For the first time, the number of our spectators at the events per year exceeded 5,000. Combat sports were on the rise. In 2013, MMA entered the game and Mixed martial arts, which gained more and more popularity in the Czech Republic as well. While we have worked out as a specialist in ring disciplines, MMA has become the future of combat sports. 2015 was a breakthrough. Combat sports has become a new sporting phenomenon that sells out the largest arenas in the US. The general public, the media and viewers find that MMA is a new sporting hit. We have been facing the biggest challenge for now. Organizing the MMA World Championship, which was to be the biggest event of martial arts and sports in the history of the Czech Republic. More than 600 athletes from 52 countries came to Prague to introduce new world champions to the world.

In 2016, the XFN was born. Everything we've learned in the past 9 years has been put into this brand. Brands that present today the best of our craft and know-how. We don`t founded XFN by ourselves. We founded it together with the Czech MMA champions and set out on a journey that will lead us to become the most popular domestic league in five years.

It is 2017 and our expectations are multiplied. XFN becomes a brand with an extraordinary overlap. Not just among sports fans of traditional sports, such as football, hockey or athletics, but to the general public. Our last live TV event is watched by more people than the Champions League football match!

In 2018, we managed to sell out the Prague O2 arena! 17308 viewers and hundreds of thousands of TV viewers watching the XFN 15, which broke the interest of all Czechoslovakia!

What is waiting for us in future?

In 2019 we offer our fans 4 events.

XFN decided to expand to other European countries in 2020. We are currently preparing events in Switzerland, Germany and we want to return to Austria again.

What awaits us between 2019 and 2021? The goal of the XFN is to become a successful multinational organization with a European reach.

There are no transnational MMA organizations in the Western European countries. This place on the market is mainly due to the attitude and regulation of individual countries towards this sport. However, the situation remains unsustainable. And with the end of regulation in the US and Arab countries, the MMA is ahead of the rise even in Western European countries.

The goal of the XFN between 2019 and 2021 is therefore simple, to penetrate the "West" and become a successful multinational MMA organization with a European reach.

XFN in numbers and projections
2018 to 2021

2021 we will surpass 21 million views per year.


Number of viewers 1800
Number of TV viewers 14 240
Number of views from the record 340 000


Number of viewers 14 325
Number of TV viewers 90 000
Number of views from the record 1 000 000


Number of viewers 51.320
Number of TV viewers 2.153.778
Number of views from the record 6.406.364


Number of viewers 250 000
Number of TV viewers 4 600 000
Number of views from the record 21 000 000

What does XFN offer you or your business partners?

Our advertising and promotional activities cover all the needs in terms of the presentation of your products or services.

From branding to introducing new products, XFN is here for you. Our policy is always a feedback that demonstrates the customer's marketing reach and effect of advertising.

Conclusion of our customer strategies is to ensure brand visibility at the time of XFN broadcasting. For these purposes, we have pre-defined ad slot locations and transmission camera settings. Viewers on the spot, on TV screens or during internet transmission, record our partner's presentation just at the time when XFN is the most interesting. These include, in particular, the wrestler's arrival, the end of the match and the announcement of the winner. Presenting our customers in live TV broadcasts, you can watch on the "XFN TV" channel on YouTube.

List of our advertising space:


Services for our Most Important Customers

Premiere Lounge is an exclusive product for our most important customers, friends or business partners.

This product offers you the following premium services

Seating at a VIP table, first of all directly at the Oktagon
Exclusive menu and catering including a selection of fine wines
Premium services: Parking, VIP entrance, Congressional services throughout the event
Unique activities: Access to the latest workout, warm-up area or afterparty with all the wrestlers
Presentation of your companies and products on selected spot advertising

Other premium services and activities we offer individually The members of our club include, in particular:

Presentation of a prominent guest by the moderator
Award of the winners of the match
Sponsorship interview
Private training with a selected wrestler

and many other individual services and sports entertainment according to your wishes. Please do not hesitate to write what is your ideal idea about your XFN event at: : vip@xfn.cz and within 24 hours we will contact you.





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